Info MRDG’s main objective is on delivering risk-controlled development activities that generate strong returns for investors. The brand identity strips it back to the bare essentials, depicting MRDG as a brand focused…

The Collagen Co.

The Collagen Co. The Ultimate Glow Up What was born from a beverage brand, The Collagen Co. turned their focus to collagen powder supplement selling to a health-conscious group of customers across…

Pratt Hospitality Group

Info We were able to breathe new life into PHG’s branding with a logo redesign that shows prospects and existing customers that they are modern, up-to-date and are at the forefront of…

Mr Hoddle

The object of the ceremony was clear to me; in another moment Dejah Thoris would be joined forever to the Prince of Zodanga. It was an impressive and beautiful ceremony, I presume, but to me it seemed the most fiendish sight I had ever witnessed, and as the ornaments were adjusted upon her beautiful figure and her collar of gold swung open in the hands of Than Kosis I raised my long-sword above my head, and, with the heavy hilt, I shattered the glass of the great window and sprang into the midst of the astonished assemblage.

The Likes of You

Experienced. Professional. Confident.

The minimalistic approach to the visual system helps TLOY to stand out in an ever more crowded market place. It also expresses that they have the confidence to be simple and honest – focused only delivering on results that exceed expectations.

The BlackSmith Bar

Info Dejah Thoris had raised herself upon one elbow and was watching the battle Whale was seized and sold, and his Grace the Duke of Wellington received the money. Thinking that viewed…